The color scheme

So far I have been living with a make-do color scheme. One of the reasons is that while Kahuna has lots of awesome options for controlling the color scheme, not everything is achievable from the settings, and some CSS hacking is needed. Of course, I am not afraid of CSS hacking. I just did not have the time to do it from the beginning.

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Programming languages with machine learning techniques

This page will be actively maintained as a little survey. Any work that solves programming language problems with machine learning techniques counts.

PLDI 2018

User-Guided Program Reasoning using Bayesian Inference: static analysis based bug checker + Bayesian inference.

Active Learning of Points-To Specifications: point to analysis + active learning.

This work is neither sound nor precise. I am horrified by the prospect of having an unsound point-to analysis, but the author rightly points to some justifications.

Changing the typeface

Pretty much all WordPress themes, Kahuna included, rely on Google Fonts. Google Fonts is a nice collection. But it is not large enough, and thus it occasionally becomes boring. Want a late-18th century Didot-style typeface? Use Playfair. Want a classical humanist serif typeface? Use Alegreya. These have become knee-jerk reactions, because there are just so many options for a particular requirement.

Hence why bored people, like me, turn to commercial options. I bought a webfont license for Adagio Serif a few years ago, and it seems a good opportunity to try them out.

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Settling on a theme

I am pretty sure that I am going to tinker with themes a lot. However, I am not good at building an entirely new theme from scratch, so I need to settle on a theme as a basis, and keep a list of interesting references.

Speaking of themes, I find out that the best way to know about themes is to try out as many as possible. Only through this, I learned what themes can do, and more importantly, how to clearly define what I want.

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