I need to be careful with names

Last week I created a post and a page.

The post was this. I wrote about what my first game setup was like, and what difficulties I met with trying to run the game under Linux with Steam Play.

The page, available here, was on the other hand not supposed to be a publicly viewable page. At least not until I have added in more stuff. It contained various technical details of what I did to get my first game running, so that I could follow it step by step and continue my game on a second PC.

Naturally, both the post and the page were named “Football Manager 2019”. Guess what? The generated permalinks are also the same. For both the post and the page they are https://blog.ahyangyi.org/football-manager-2019. The page took priority over the post. Hence, even if the main page shows the correct digest of the post, clicking “read more” would show the content of the page instead. And it was a page that was supposed to be secret at that point…

There were, many different naming schemes that I could use. Unfortunately, I have already made the decision back in a time I did not know about any potential issue, and now it is perhaps a bit too late to change it, as I have used many internal links, this very post also adding to the injury.

What I did not expect is that there is no mechanism of conflict detection whatsoever.

It seems that, given all these considerations, I have to be careful with names.

Custom Dominion storage

Last year I managed to find a group to play Dominion semi-regularly. It prompted me to buy yet another expansion. I picked Nocturne for its lack of extra components. It was probably a mistake, since Adventures, Empires and Renaissance all provide more variation to the game, while Nocturne adds more complexity.

Anyway, back to the topic. It began to feel clumsy to move the four boxes around. It is time to find a storage solution.

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Astraeus workspace

Back in 2015, Google open-sourced its internal build system, Blaze, under the anagram name of Bazel. Since then I had worked to migrate and unify the various build scripts in my company into a single Bazel workspace.

Not long after, however, I decided that maintaining a Bazel workspace is not the best use of my time. I worked on other projects, and created an unrelated open source Bazel workspace for my own enjoyment.

This post will be a brief introduction of this project.

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Google Code Jam 2019 Qualification Round

It was probably depressing to realize that I have not participated in any programming competitions since the last October. It is more depressing that I nearly missed the Code Jam of this year: I received no notification mails and I did not think of it either. Anyway, I was lucky that someone informed me that it has begun in the last few hours, and here I come.

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