Finally I have created my blog.

It should have happened much earlier. I overestimated the cost of building and maintaining my own blog, and made do with alternatives such as social networks and blog hosting services. But there is always a difference between fully owning every bit (in the computer science sense) of my article, and having a third party controlling everything they think I should not care about.

Anyway, better late than never, at least I finally take the efforts to bring it online.

Everything else is placeholder. Even the title, “de finibus”, refers to the book De finibus bonorum et malorum by Marcus Tullius Cicero, in which the famous placeholder text “lorem ipsum dolor sit amet…” is derived from.

The plans is to write about things that are not so relevant to my everyday job. That is, hobbies. So I might write about linguistics, board games, research areas that I am not really working at, et cetera.

I am trying to make blogging into my next hobby too, so there is going to be lots of self-referencing articles. I might change the site typeface and write an article about typefaces, for example.

In the end, I want this blog to be a place where I write articles as a fun and inspiring activity.

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