Print Style

Just realized that Kahuna has already included print style in their CSS, so that printed posts will be mostly black-on-white. It saves ink and promotes clarity. My CSS hacks had interfered with this and caused the printed pages to have a weird header. It has now been fixed.


This is the first reorganization of posts on my blog. In the beginning, I said that I did not care about content organization, I just wanted to write something, and there are no intended readers at all. However, as of now I already have 17 posts, this post not included. …

Playing Angular

Since I found myself desperately lacking modern front end skills, I decide to spend some time in creating an example Angular app. This article covers the following questions: What are some interesting UI component libraries I discovered? How can I embed my Angular app to my WordPress posts?

The color scheme

So far I have been living with a make-do color scheme. One of the reasons is that while Kahuna has lots of awesome options for controlling the color scheme, not everything is achievable from the settings, and some CSS hacking is needed. Of course, I am not afraid of CSS …