Football Manager 2019: Argentina Low Level League is Hard

I am not saying that playing in the low level leagues in Argentina is hard. Instead, merely trying to get it working properly is impossible enough. I have wasted enough hours on this. This serves as a warning for anyone brave enough to come up with a similar idea.

As we all know, FM2019 (or any other version of FM) comes with only two playable leagues in Argentina. Those who want to play amateur, semi-professional teams in regional or just low-level leagues are out of luck without the help of mods.

Well, what if we do use mods?

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Theme color meta tag added

It’s mostly a Chrome perk, but a website without a theme-color meta tag looks “less finished” when viewed on Chrome on Android, which I happen to use.

So, here it is.

Currently, it is implemented as a overridden header.php in my child theme. This is the fastest way to get it working but probably not the best way in the long run, because the source version control problems it comes with.