…and they keep dying and dying

In the beginning, I had disk A and B. Disk A died. I bought disk C. Disk C turned out to be faulty. I asked for a return and for the same time I installed a small Gentoo Linux installation in my SSD. Then Disk D came as a replacement for disk C. I installed another system on Disk D and copied the backup from Disk C. Then I discovered that Disk C has bad sectors as well.

I will write about the messy situation later, but apparently it is time for me to place an order for a new drive E, as well as a new power supply unit as the current one might be the cause.

At least, they say bad things come in three, right?

Hard disk died

My hard disk drive had died yesterday. I bought it in late 2015, and it died after being in service for about four and have a year.

I was playing Football Manager, and suddenly I noticed a different noise among my fans’ cheering. After finishing the match and the cheering sound effect had stopped, I could finally determine the noise: it was from the hard disk drive! Feeling a bad omen, I immediately checked dmesg, saw various SATA errors, attempted to call gparted only to be notified that my /usr/bin directory is already inaccessible, and basically my system was alive only because of Linux’s aggressive caching…

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Football Manager 2019: Setup for a second game

Having learned that playing Argentina lower leagues in Football Manager 2019 might be a bad idea, I decide to start another game… And hopefully, this time it should not involve complicated mods, or too many mods.

I first considered Algeria, a country that speaks Arabic, Berber and French, which is a very interesting mix considering the in-game language mechanics. However, I decided against it because the game by default offers very little in Africa, as only one country (South Africa) is included by default. I will have to include lots of African databases. And no, I don’t want to debug wild databases this time.

Then I considered Spain, which has an interesting mechanism in that B teams are allowed to play in regular leagues. However, I also decided against it because the Spanish league is so successful. After a successful game in Bundesliga I want to play in a slightly weaker league.

The B team thing leads to another place, Russia.

And, looking at the bear logo of the Russian league, I know what team I am going to pick.Read more“Football Manager 2019: Setup for a second game”