Theme color meta tag added

It’s mostly a Chrome perk, but a website without a theme-color meta tag looks “less finished” when viewed on Chrome on Android, which I happen to use.

So, here it is.

Currently, it is implemented as a overridden header.php in my child theme. This is the fastest way to get it working but probably not the best way in the long run, because the source version control problems it comes with.

Astraeus Toolchains

Copying a compiled binary package to another Linux machine of whatever ancient distribution, and being able to run it, is more or less a dream than a reality. Hence why tools like Docker are so useful. But I don’t think I would feel natural to use Docker to run, say, vim with YouCompleteMe built with a certain set of options.

So the solution usually boils down to copying all dependencies along with whatever package I am going to use. But dependencies have dependencies too, so the right answer would be “all recursive dependencies”. Which is still often doable with the help of tools like ldd. But some libraries are more angry than others; a particularly one, glibc, does not simply work if one copies it to another machine and expect the dynamic loader to load it. Of course, one can also copy the dynamic loader,, but that puts many extra limitations on what you can run and what it can interact with.

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