Print Style

Just realized that Kahuna has already included print style in their CSS, so that printed posts will be mostly black-on-white. It saves ink and promotes clarity.

My CSS hacks had interfered with this and caused the printed pages to have a weird header. It has now been fixed.

Fixing the webfont kit

Anyone interested in typography will probably ask me this question:

Why is there no ligature for “fi” in the site title, de finibus?

And for some time I thought the answer was: “I would like to, but Adagio Serif does not come with one.”

Which is completely wrong. Adagio Serif has a ligature for “fi”, as its style really asks for one.

It leads me to investigate why I don’t see ligatures in my website.

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This is the first reorganization of posts on my blog.

In the beginning, I said that I did not care about content organization, I just wanted to write something, and there are no intended readers at all. However, as of now I already have 17 posts, this post not included. I find it starting to be hard even for myself to find the article I want.

So even without any intended readers, there is a need for keeping my blog well organized and tidy.

There are three areas covered by this reorganization: categories/tags, excerpts and tagline.

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Playing Angular

Since I found myself desperately lacking modern front end skills, I decide to spend some time in creating an example Angular app.

This article covers the following questions:

  • What are some interesting UI component libraries I discovered?
  • How can I embed my Angular app to my WordPress posts?

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