Quick summary: this save dies. Rescue attempts were made, and failed.

Anyway, I will write about the season itself here, and leave the problems later.


Daniël van Duijn was signed by another club for the first half of the fourth season. However, I was able to sign him back. Since there is no wage and no transfer free, all I need to do is to repeatedly ask the players to come back. And if they do not hate me, and I give enough per-match bonus, they will eventually agree!



This time, the fight for the title lasted until the final match. I won the league with a gap of mere four points.

The huge goal difference I accumulated, however, implied that entering the playoff is effortless. Very occasionally, the team as a whole flops and will suffer a defeat. But besides those rare occurrences, they are good enough to win any match in the league.

In other words, promotion is the only thing I should aim for. Staying in the league has lost any fun.


… and here is the problem. The playoff does not work. I tried save/load, then opening the custom database with the pre-editor, then debugging it. The problem deserves its own post, so I will omit it.

But long story short, I am in a state where

  1. I can’t get promotion, unless I relegate back to the Tweede Klasse, and promote to a different subdivision of Eerste Klasse. If I get fired in the process, who knows what I do;
  2. Save/loading won’t help;
  3. The in-game editor and other free or paid editors probably won’t help either.

That’s enough. This game save is dead. Long live the game save. I’ll start a new one when my mood recovers.

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