In my game, my ASV Arsenal won the 4th place of the league. In the real world, however, ASV Arsenal won the 2th place and thus promoted… It felt good to start the game with a good performance, but the real world counterpart proves to be more impressive.

The club

They have an official website. From which one can see they have at least 13 teams, all playing some sort of matches with other clubs. What is available in the game more or less corresponds to the team 1 (and perhaps team 2).

The team 1 has a Facebook page.

One interesting finding was a ranklist at the end of the 2018-2019 season. It looks like this:

ASV Arsenal and hfc are found in the game. Other teams, not sure. But more strange is that the in-game league has 14 teams while the real one has only 10. One could blame the mod maker, but then there comes the question: what are those extra teams? They aren’t created out of nothing, right? All I can say is that something isn’t entirely right with the mod, but there must be some reason for it.

Another super interesting photo is how they introduce their new player.

Yes. It has that line. “Football Manager 19 value: 16k”.

Amazing. I am looking this team up because I play them in Football Manager 19. And on the other side of the Earth, this team welcomes a new guy by looking up him in Football Manager 19 and praises his in-game value. How Football Manager manages to connect irrelevant things together and makes a big, self-referential picture.

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