Programming languages with machine learning techniques

This page will be actively maintained as a little survey. Any work that solves programming language problems with machine learning techniques counts.

PLDI 2018

User-Guided Program Reasoning using Bayesian Inference: static analysis based bug checker + Bayesian inference.

Active Learning of Points-To Specifications: point to analysis + active learning.

This work is neither sound nor precise. I am horrified by the prospect of having an unsound point-to analysis, but the author rightly points to some justifications.

Changing the typeface

Pretty much all WordPress themes, Kahuna included, rely on Google Fonts. Google Fonts is a nice collection. But it is not large enough, and thus it occasionally becomes boring. Want a late-18th century Didot-style typeface? Use Playfair. Want a classical humanist serif typeface? Use Alegreya. These have become knee-jerk reactions, because there are just so many options for a particular requirement.

Hence why bored people, like me, turn to commercial options. I bought a webfont license for Adagio Serif a few years ago, and it seems a good opportunity to try them out.

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Settling on a theme

I am pretty sure that I am going to tinker with themes a lot. However, I am not good at building an entirely new theme from scratch, so I need to settle on a theme as a basis, and keep a list of interesting references.

Speaking of themes, I find out that the best way to know about themes is to try out as many as possible. Only through this, I learned what themes can do, and more importantly, how to clearly define what I want.

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Europa Universalis IV: Clanricarde (Part I)

Since finally I bought the DLC Rule Britannia, I decide to start a new game on the island of… well, Ireland.

Clanricarde is an Irish way to say “Clan Richard”. The territory is a region around Galway. Obviously, I picked this country because I visited Galway last year.

Not every place I visited is a good place to play in EU4: Dublin is “The Pale” in the game, so playing it equals playing England. Toronto was still a land of the first people, or to be precise, the Mississaugas. The Mississaugas are not available in the game, either.

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