The first plugin I installed is the LaTeX plugin. How can I live without a way to typeset mathematical formulae?

Here is a working example:

Theorem 1 (Newdon-Leibniez). If $f\in C^1([a,b])$ then
\int_a^b f'(x) d x=f(b)-f(a)
In Theorem 1 the main part is \eqref{eq:NL}.

Seeing real formulae embedded in my blogs is utterly satisfying. I might someday revisit the mathematical typeface or the ugly “theorem” environment, but for now I am perfectly happy that I have a solid foundation to write about any mathematics-related topics!

Still, I am a bit leery of its idea of allowing a random mix of HTML tags and TeX macros in the same text. It is probably a mistake to mix two very complex markup languages into one. Confusion and bugs will inevitably ensue.

For instance, \TeX does not work, but $\TeX$ works: $\TeX$. There is absolutely no reason I want to typeset the TeX logo in mathematical mode, and the result is horrible. I guess it could be fixed with some configuration tricks, but alas, I would probably just avoid trying to type “TeX” in the TeX way. I get math support, and that’s it.

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