tl;dr: I will try to write something every Thursday from now on.


One can get lazy.

There are many things I think about and want to write something about. From games, to neural networks, to various front-end stuff. There is also pleasure just trying out things that I have not used before.

However, without a definite schedule, one will constantly find excuses to do something else. Procrastination is such a powerful foe, that if action is not taken, even a hobby that’s supposed to be fun will cease being so. Speaking of which, well, I kind of have lampshaded this by naming my blog after a chapter talking about pain itself…

Why Thursday?

Mondays are too annoying to have extra burdens.

Fridays should not have schedules like this. They should be as empty as they can be.

Weekend time should not be fragmented.

Which means Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are my remaining choices. Currently I have bi-weekly Board Game events, so it pushes whatever schedule I want to have towards the other end of the week. Hence, Thursday.

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